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Welcome! I’m Kelsey. I am 24 years old and a recent graduate with a Master of Public Health. I’m based out of NYC, and I’m here to share my thoughts, experiences, and stories with you. 

This blog was previously named “Vegan-ly Blonde”, a play off of the movie title Legally Blonde. I’ve always loved related to the main character, Elle Woods, in many ways. If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s my logic: Elle doesn’t quite fit the general stereotype of what your typical lawyer is “supposed” to be, but she manages to become a success in her field through being nothing other than her true authentic self. It was originally my intention to apply these concepts to strictly post about breaking vegan stereotypes. However, as I grew into the individual I am today, I realized that I was doing myself and any potential readers a disservice in limiting this blog to only posting about food and working out.

That’s why I’ve decided to re-brand, and become Boundlesssly Blonde. I want to share content that has depth and substance – stories and opinion pieces on the inner work it takes to reach higher states of being, unlocking our greatest potential, and living without boundaries or limits. The internet is saturated with twenty-something year old women’s blogs about food, fashion, and fitness. It’s time we work on filling the space of female bloggers writing about deeper concepts. I will absolutely continue to post about fitness and health, and I will continue to spread the vegan message by setting an example in my everyday life choices. I’m feeling very optimistic about the direction in which I foresee the new platform taking, and I so appreciate you joining me down this new path. 

It is my goal to share my words with you as I navigate the next chapter, and inspire you to live without limits, never hold yourself back, and reach your highest potential! For any inquiries, you can contact me via email at veganlyblondeblog@gmail.com  (to be updated soon)

With love, sunlight, and boundless positive energy,


8 thoughts on “hi there!

  1. I am in absolute love with your blog and I am so glad that you mentioned this to me on Monday in class. Keep up the great work!


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